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Looking for a cool wireless tech project to volunteer for? Browse the ads below and see what you can find to contribute to. :slight_smile:

Need some help on your own project? Looking to gather up some beta testers? Need some more human resources on your project? This is the place. Post a Help Wanted ad here and you’ll be notified by our Discourse server when anyone responds. People will also be able to respond by private message if they choose.

Conversely, maybe you’re a Gun For Hire*? Don’t see any projects that take your fancy immediately? There is an Open Posting to advertise yourself here as a “Gun For Hire”, outline skills you have, skills you’d like to have, what time and resources you have available, your general location and see what comes your way.

If you want to post an ad to get some help on your project all you have to do is register here on the forum and you’re off to the races! You might also like this topic on things to consider in writing your Help Wanted ad.


* …although probably not actually for hire, just for fun, right?