Open Posting For Volunteers!

If you’ve got any skills you want to contribute to somebody’s tech project but you can’t see something you fancy in the Help Wanted topics, this one is for you! Just reply below to this open posting with a description that might include:

  • the sort of skills you have
  • the sort of skills you want to have (what you want to learn)
  • where you’re based (often that’s not important but might be for some projects)
  • the sort of things you fancy doing

Replies to this open posting are available for Signal Lounge users to browse and they may reach out through the Discourse messaging system and pull you in to something exciting!

Do bear in mind that this forum is searchable on the public Internet so refrain from posting your email address and let our Discourse messaging do the hard work, you’ll get email notification if someone reaches out. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I saw few of the project that has been posted but, I am not sure which will suit me best. This is my first contributing to a open source projects like this.

My skills: I am a master student major- communication engineering. I had pretty good theoretical background. Practically I am comfortable with dsp, c++, python, Matlab and Altium designer. Worked with gnu-radio long enough to create my own OOT module, understand and navigate it’s code base and even modify it if needed. But Saying all this I am not an expert in these field.

Skills I want to learn: In depth/ hands on experience with advance satellite communication concepts, multi rate dsp

I am based in Germany

I fancy astronomy especially radio astronomy

I saw two project on with comb filter for 10GHz and other pfb channelizer. I am currently, working in efficient channelizer implementation for my final thesis (I might extend it to RFNoC, but it is not decided yet). Hence, I am more inclined toward comb filter. But, I have never worked with clocks etc So, If anyone can help me choose, it would helpful !



Welcome Yaaseen! Great to meet you and thanks for posting. Looks like you’ve got a great set of skills to contribute to open source space comms. We certainly have some projects linked up here that can provide this experience so I’m sure one of the project leaders will reach out shortly… :+1: :artificial_satellite:

Greetings Yaaseen!

Thank you so much for reaching out.

I posted those ads here on Signal Lounge and can answer questions and customize the work to best fit your goals.

We’re working on an open source microwave-band amateur radio satellite system. The work can also be used terrestrially. Plenty to do!

We (Open Research Institute use polyphase filter banks from Theseus Cores, an open source implementation that uses RFNoC. You may already be familiar with it.

We’re up to 64 channels, but above that there are errors. Here’s the repository for Theseus Cores:

We don’t have a lot of work done yet on the comb filter technique for ground stations. This is a method proposed by Tom Clark and Kerry Banke, both experienced microwave and satellite enthusiasts.

If you would like to join the mailing list and slack, please write me at with your preferred email address and I’ll get you signed up. Also happy to answer questions here.

If you have not considered coming to GNU Radio Conference before due to the expense and travel, then this year it’s a virtual event! find more information here:

-Michelle W5NYV

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