Things to consider on your Help Wanted! advert

Thinking of placing Help Wanted ad on Signal Lounge? GREAT! Here’s some stuff to consider when writing out your ad:

  • Skills you need. You’re all about microwave technology above 100GHz and precision CNC machining of custom parts to support experimenters on the bleeding edge… but does the person you seek to help you with you project website need those skills? Maybe not…
  • Prior experience required? Remember, people may be looking to join your project to gain that experience as a volunteer. It might be wise to expect to do some coaching or at least politely point people in the right direction to gain the skills/experience you seek… Remember, even the best of us started out with zero experience.
  • Expected time commitment. Are you working your project to a deadline? If so, be up front about it. Remember that this is a volunteer/hobby community so manage your expectations about the amount of commitment people may be able to provide and the speed at which they may work (see “prior experience” above)

OK, so, what are you waiting for? Get posting on Help Wanted! :slight_smile: