Remote Operation of Satellite Ground Stations using MQTT and Node-RED

Participation details: Anytime, anywhere, project has a target schedule


Design, document, code, and test application layer software to control a satellite ground station. This project begins with a survey of existing satellite ground station remote control software, from custom VPNs to SatNOGs control pane. After the identification of useful and appropriate open source components, the student will implement remote control software using MQTT and Node-RED.

MQTT stands for MQ Telemetry Transport. It is an open publish-subscribe and messaging protocol with several high-quality open source implementations. It is very simple and lightweight and is designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. More information can be found at

Node-RED is an open source programming tool for connecting hardware devices, APIs and online services. More information can be found at

This project may extend existing remote control software. This project may also replace existing software. The decision-making process will be volunteer driven.

Open Research Institute commits to enabling and supporting any volunteer that wishes to participate in this project.

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