A Novel User Interface Design for HEO/GEO Broadband Microwave Multiuser Amateur Communication Satellite

Participation details: Anytime, anywhere, project has a target schedule


Work product is a high level software design document with reference design wireframe, requirements, and specifications. This would support the Phase 4 Transponder project from Open Research Institute. Read more about that project (pdf linked in article) here: https://openresearch.institute/2020/01/10/p4xt-digital-multiplexing-transponder-project-program-proposal/

This project is designed for a university student, but could be taken on by anyone interested in the work.

Phases are as follows.

  1. Review and research user interface design software best practices, including accessibility.
  2. Identify specific user interface needs in amateur broadband multi-user microwave space communications equipment. Transmitted signals are data, which may consist of video, audio, voice, voice memo, text, and other types of communications. Student must evaluate and document the software user interface needs of low earth orbit (LEO), high earth orbit (HEO), geosynchronous orbit (GEO), lunar orbit, and deep space.
  3. Analyze identified needs using a systems engineering approach.
  4. Identify and review software requirements.
  5. Synthesize software specifications from the requirements.
  6. Review specifications.
  7. Revise the high level software design document for final review.

Mentors from Open Research Institute provide systems engineering process and subject matter expertise.


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