Welcome to the Signal Lounge Discourse

Signal Lounge is a niche information site focused on experimentation and modern interesting stuff in amateur radio. It can be a place to learn new stuff (see Resources), be inspired (scan the News articles, browse the featured Projects) and connect people with projects (Help Wanted!).

Some may say that amateur radio has become a hobby of ‘appliance operators’ and that the pioneering work of yesteryear is gone. One of the intentions here is to counter this perception and highlight amateur projects that are pushing boundaries in radio technology. Hopefully bringing together people and projects that have previously been working in isolation will spark new ideas and accelerate existing projects.

This Discourse area is a place to discuss the general features and direction of Signal Lounge in serving the amateur wireless experimentation community. What do you want Signal Lounge to be?

See the Beta Discussion thread to help me out :slight_smile: