Software Design Document (SDD) for a genetic algorithm approach to LDPC decoding for DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X receivers

Participation details: Anytime, anywhere, project has a target schedule


The research question is how a genetic algorithm would perform compared to the linear programming (LP) and satisfiability (SAT) backtracking algorithms in low density parity check decoders.

This would support the Phase 4 Transponder project from Open Research Institute. Read more about that project (pdf linked in article) here:

Right now the SAT implementation needs from minutes to days while using a few mega bytes to many giga bytes of ram.

The coding mentor has examples for the idea here:

We believe that a genetic algorithm would mostly run in cache, would be very parallel, and should perform very well on a modern multi-core CPU.

At a minimum, a thorough SDD will be produced by the student. Prototyping, coding, and testing follow review of the SDD.

The benefits to Open Research Institute are the exploration of a promising research question for open source LDPC decoders. The benefits to the volunteer are quality mentored experience with a modern research question and authorship of a relevant and useful software design document.


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