Interviews - what would you like to hear?

I listen to a handful of podcasts in my drive time, QSO Today, Soldersmoke, Linux In The Ham Shack, Ham Radio Workbench… I’ve learned a lot from some of them which is exciting but the ones that really excite me are when I listen to an inspirational person telling their story or deep-diving into an ambitious project. Some of these interviews fill me with a desire to ‘raise my game’, try something new or give back to the amateur radio hobby and the STEM education cause.

I think coupling some inspirational case studies of leading people in the amateur wireless world with links out to the exciting resources and projects that are going on could be a powerful combination to inspire others. I think that’s one of the main goals of this project so I’m going to put some thought into this… but while I’m reading Podcasting For Dummies, what do you think?

  • What would you like to hear about from around our community?
  • Can you point me at good candidates to add to my list?
  • Maybe you’ve got it in you to be a great interviewer (I’m not sure I have!) so you’d like to help?
  • Maybe you’ve got another idea for some podcast-type audio content and we could try something together?


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