Call for Names for the Site

Our fearless leader G7UHN is interested in names for the site! What should it be called?

RF Hub (current working title)
The Calling
Collaboration Station
Amateur Action
Amateur Radio Action Zone
(The) Amateur Radio Union
Archconfraternity of the Society of Amateur Activity
Amateur Radio Works!
Go Forth
Amateur Activism in Action

Ham Call or Ham Calling?

…hmmm, I like calling because, you know, it’s a calling isn’t it… but might be confused on first mention as yet another callsign database.

Maybe something with “signal” in it instead of RF? I feel bad if we exclude all the cool optical stuff that’s going on! But signals are totally at the heart of what we love to do, right?

Working titles so far have included:

  • Modern Ham Radio News (too much like this is a news site… that’s not the primary purpose)
  • RF Hub (my favourite to-date but too much like Myriad-RF which is awesome)
  • Amateur Radio Nexus (“amateur radio” is a bit of a turn off to anyone who isn’t already a licensed amateur, too much baggage)

Signal Lounge works great!

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